Free Wilkinson Sword Hydro5 Razer


Every month there’s another razor on the market that has an extra blade. freebieUnfortunately, when they add in an extra blade, they also jack up the price. Free razors give you the opportunity to stay stubble free without having to spend a fortune. It’s quick and easy and you’ll love that this razor doesn’t pull or tear at your skin. It’s a great freebie and you’ll appreciate how gentle it is on your skin.



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YSL Black Opium Sample


Everyone knows that perfume is pricey. Free samples aren’t all the same. ysl-black-opiumSome will smell better than others. This sample, from YSL, is a fantastic sample that you’re going to love. It’s a small version spray bottle and will last a few days. It will last a long time and smells lovely. It’s one of the top 5 must have freebies on my list and you’ll love it too. Oh, and you’ll smell great when you use this perfume sample.



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Free Swarovski Bracelet


downloadI love that I can get them nice gifts now and again and they don’t cost me a dime. That’s right, not a dime. According to the papers that came with these bracelets, they are worth £40. While these were free, I did have to pay for postage and handling at £3.99. However, it is well worth the value. Although normally I don’t share items that charge for shipping and handling, this was well worth the expense and the bracelets are nice and classy.

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Free Redbull


freeredbullThis was a tight contender for the first spot. I love Redbull as much as the other guy. There’s nothing like a free Redbull and you’ll appreciate it as much as everyone else. If you’re a Redbull drinker, take advantage of this free offer and get some of your favorite drink for free.

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