About Us

Welcome! At freestuffandpromocodes.co.uk. Here, dads and moms and everyone else can find valuable and useful information and links to get free stuff on the Internet that will brighten up the day.

For most people, growing up is a time of fun, however, it’s not necessarily a time of wealth. Most people, including our family, learned to live hand to mouth and any money that did come in went to bills or food.

However, we were very lucky compared to others back then. We had a black and white Television and we had plenty of time to hang out with friends and play outside.

Obviously, we were leading a frugal life before frugal was vogue. With little money, we learned to make do with what we had and occasionally rely on hand-outs. Even as a young adult, we struggled with the same situations of not enough money for the month. Today, this is the force that has driven me to promote the freebies that I am sharing.

I didn’t know about free things when I was younger. But then, I found a book called, “How To Live For Free”. This book is a definitive guide that has opened my eyes to a myriad of possibilities. I recently took another look at this and found even more.

Now that I know what is out there, I created an easy to locate website where you can find everything for free. You can go to freestuffandpromocodes.co.uk and see what I’ve got in store for you.

You’ll find plenty of free stuff to grab here. Check it out for our latest and greatest deals.

Free Stuff

I don’t know if you like freebies, but I sure do. I love that I can afford them. And you know, that nothing is better than free.

Getting freebies allows you to try something out that you might not have been willing to try before. It gives you an opportunity to see if it’s something that you will like and want to use more.

I love sharing where you can find freebies so that is my goal is to share as many of these as possible with you. I hope that you will like the freebies as much as me and my family do.

Site Update

I’ll update this list sometime in December and share the rest of my picks for the year. You’ll love knowing what the up and coming freebies are and I encourage you to sign up for all the freebies you can. It’s tough enough to make it in today’s world so why not take advantage of freebies and treat yourself and your family to a bit of luxury? You know you deserve it and the price is right at free. No one will be sorry that they got something of worth for free. It’s well worth the short wait while the company mails it out to you and it’s always fun to get something cool in the mail. So order your freebies today. Remember, some of these are only available in limited quantities so get them quickly before they run out. I hope you appreciate your freebies as much as I’ve appreciated mine.