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If you’d just happen to scroll through our freebies, you’d be looking at stickers, posters, Amazon gift cards, free tickets to various events, magazine subscriptions, free meals, birthday cards, shampoo samples, movie tickets and the list goes on. And all of this, you will find just under the physical freebie section. Games, eBooks, apps and contests are for you to explore!

We personally managed to win a free keychain, shampoo samples, and a  £5 Amazon card within just 20 minutes of hunting which doesn’t sound bad at all! But the thing is, it is important to remember that there’s usually a catch with all of such offers. For example, you’d might need to fill in your mailing address or perhaps will need to sign up for an email newsletter. And so it is important to read the terms and conditions before you hand over your sensitive information. Going out with a temporary email address on such hunts can be a wise thing to do. Reading the comments of previous users can also help you make sure that the freebie source is actually reliable. Let the hunt begin!